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Selfie Stick

  • Extendable arm to take pictures..

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Extendable arm to take pictures, with a quarter inch adjustment screw, which makes it compatible with Unique cell phone references. It adjusts to the distance you prefer to take the photos you’ve always wanted, ideal for travel, video diaries, videob-blogs, excursions, camping, weddings, parties, on the beach, concerts, sports events etc. Maximum resistance weight: 500 gr. Net weight: 130g.

MATERIAL: Plastic + Stainless steel + Silicon.

SIZE: 5,2 x 2,8 x 28,5 cm. Arm: 7 segments, closed: 20 cm. open: 97cm.



PACKAGE: 100 units in box tipo regalo. Master box of 63 x 35 x 30,5 cm. Peso 15 Kg.

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